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The Hidden Costs of Soda

The Hidden Costs of Soda


What I learned this year is that data is one the most important arguments which non-profits can use in their communication. In the next weeks I will write more about data.
Data is also the main tool used in this video about the Soda. The video is produced by Insurance Quotes.

It may be time to confront our soda addiction. Just as lifestyle diseases like Type II Diabetes and obesity grow to epidemic proportions in the U.S., the average American now consumes 20 oz of soda every day. For non-diet drinkers that means guzzling an extra 17 teaspoons of sugar daily. And if your poison is diet or low calorie soda, you’re still not in the clear. Many studies now link aspartame and other artificial sweeteners to increased risks for certain cancers, kidney damage and even Alzheimer’s.

Data seems boring. Convincing visualization of data is the challenge for artists, agencies and non-profits. But there is a pitfall. Data must be easily verifiable and the sources should be clear and reliable.
More about that in upcoming posts.

Insurance Quotes made four other video’s in their ‘Hidden’ serie: Twinkies, Cigarettes, Big Mac and the iPhone.

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