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High blood pressure is no way to live

High blood pressure is no way to live

This is new work to promote The Heart & Stroke Foundation of BC and Yukon’s (Canada) hypertension campaign. The objective is to get people to take a self-assessment test so that they can find out if they are at risk for high blood pressure.
Taking this Heart and Stroke Risk Assessment will provide you with your personalized Blood Pressure Action Plan.

Over time high blood pressure can damage blood vessel walls causing scarring that promotes the build-up of fatty plaque, which can narrow and eventually block arteries. It also strains the heart and eventually weakens it. Very high blood pressure can cause blood vessels in the brain to burst resulting in a stroke.

Great part of the dedicated campaign microsite are the testimonials of Roger and Carolyn.
The print ads, like the one shown below, have been run in community papers around BC.


The Heart & Stroke Foundation of BC and Yukon, Canada
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