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Hijacking your breast fixation for a cause

Hijacking your breast fixation for a cause

A new movement in Britain urges you women to become more aware of their breast health by “copping a feel” — a slang term for sexual groping repurposed as a youth-friendly slogan for self-examination.


The cause was started by Kristin Hallenga who, at the tender age of 23, was diagnosed with breast cancer. What further infuriated Kris was that her doctor misdiagnosed her lump as something “hormonal” and sent her on her merry way to travel the world with no treatment but oil of primrose. When she returned home, she was at Stage IV and facing death.

But Kris was a true survivor, and managed to get through her treatment. Then she started a new life as an activist for the breast health of younger women. Her CoppaFeel organization keeps getting press and has since gone global with events and participation. Since then, she has received a Pride of Britain Award, and been honoured for her work by the Prime Minister.

With her call-to-arms in hand, and a dedicated group of friends, Kris and her Coppafeelers encouraged people throughout Britain and the world to “hijack” public portrayals of breasts with Coppafeel awareness stickers.

And now they have declared Friday, October 29, as “Coppafeel Day”, and they encourage all women to take a moment to familiarize themselves with… themselves.


UPDATE: Copyranter posted this video from CoppaFeel, which purports to show a phone sex woman getting hijacked live by the movement. In terms of the sexualization of self-examination, it doesn’t get more blatant than this. But it also collecting eyeballs. Note that it contains nudity and soft porn content:







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