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HIV in five episodes: speak or ignore

HIV in five episodes: speak or ignore

Gorodskoi Center Meditsinskoi Profilaktiki, Yekaterinburg: HIV in five episodes: speak or ignore

This is a local HIV prevention campaign from Russia. Most campaigns in Russia are done on a federal level and it is very uncommon to do such things in city like Yekaterinburg, the forth largest city in the country.
I think it is smart to do it this way, it brings the problem nearby and makes it readily identifiable and familiar. Which is enhanced by the lack of violent images in this campaign. And get it on the dining table literally.

The main message is that HIV is a thing which harms all groups in society, no matter age or wealth.

Agency Big Bag Films created a mini serie in five parts in which the characters suddenly find themselves dealing with HIV. The key part of the serie is the final interactive episode. The audience could choose the keep-quiet or the speak-out option.
The result was an increase of 24% HIV tests.

Below the case study from the agency. All episodes after the break.

First video is about Max the son of the family He found out that his friend Dima has HIV.
This episode got the start online mostly distributed through local web-sites and blogs. After a week, the 30 sec-version was broadcasted on local tv stations.


The second video is about Olya, the daughter of the family. It came online two weeks after the premiere of the first episode. Olya found out that she has HIV because of her boyfriend.
It was broadcast in the same way as the first video. First week online, the second week also on local tv with the 30 sec version.


Third episode (without translation): the mother of the family. Her colleague at work speaks about HIV and mother is confused, as she think that HIV could not concern her family and social status. She tries to reach her daughter by phone, but no luck (as daughter in previous video has just found that she has HIV).


Episode four: the last member of the family, the father, meets his old friend and ask him to drop him near the hospital to recheck the HIV status, which was diagnosed in his smaller town and he wasn’t sure. (without translation)


At the end of the day the family came together for diner and the viewers get the question to speak or to ignore the subject. With ignoring all family members stay alone with their problem. But when Olya announces that she has HIV, mother, and than father and son supports her.



Outdoor ad:

Gorodskoi Center Meditsinskoi Profilaktiki, Yekaterinburg: HIV in five episodes: speak or ignore

Gorodskoi Center Meditsinskoi Profilaktiki, Yekaterinburg
Big Bag Films, Yekaterinburg, Russia
Additional credits:
Creative Director / producer: Alexey Stasyuk
Director: Georgy Molodtsov
Copywriter: Alexey Stasyuk
Photographer: Ivan Ustinov
Line producer: Darya Petrova
Sound director: Gleb Burganov

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