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@home: Make Mark Visible

@home: Make Mark Visible

@home: Make Mark Horvath Visible

This was in the air for a couple of weeks and now it finally started. The title is @home, a documentary about Mark Horvath, the man behind We posted about him and his projects before. It is one of the best things we ever blogged about. It is about passion in a ADHD kind of way. It is about the devastating situation of homeless people in the USA.

The Kindling Group, a non-profit, documentary film production company, is making the documentary but they need money. That’s why they started a fundraising campaign with Kickstarter.
And you want to help. I’m sure.

@home tells the remarkable story of one man’s fierce commitment to make the homeless visible. Mark Horvath has experienced the highs and lows of American society— from a successful career in television to barely surviving, homeless and addicted, on Hollywood Blvd. Today, Mark is devoted to his nonprofit, that uses social media to raise awareness and smash stereotypes of homelessness. With Mark as our guide, we travel across this country, in the storm drains under Las Vegas, the weekly motels housing families, tent cities and everywhere in between to meet America’s homeless. As we learn from Mark what needs to change, we ask ourselves, “Can this happen?” Can homelessness be ended?

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