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“Homecoming” Director seeks crowdfunding for his next project

“Homecoming” Director seeks crowdfunding for his next project


Earlier this year, I wrote about a truly great ad about marriage equality in the UK, “Homecoming.”

The video PSA has over 800,000 views on YouTube, and (according to the Director, Mike Buonaiuto, it “inspired the likes of Richard Branson, Stephen Fry, Theresa May and even Prime Minister David Cameron, to get on board with the campaign.”

Now Buonaiuto, whose name means “good help,” is setting his sights on doing the same for same-sex parental rights in Europe. He has just launched an indiegogo campaign in which he is asking for just $1,000 in the next 85 days to help defray the costs of a new short film about same-sex parents and their (adopted) children’s lack of legal status in many parts of Europe.

Here’s a teaser video, included in the fundraising pitch:

Buonaiuto writes,

In line with National Adoption week in November and EU Group NELFA, we will produce a viral film to spread throughout social media, viral websites, plus both gay and mainstream online press, which goes for the heartstrings emphasising the normality and likeability of the characters. At the end of the film a call to action message will encourage audiences to visit a microsite. The microsite will then explain in more detail the inequality faced by adopted children throughout Europe, with a further call to action to sign a petition or write to their MP about the problem.

Great idea! But I wonder why he set the goal so low. indiegogo is actually a pretty expensive way to crowdfund, as it charges 4% commission on successful fundraising, and a brutal 9% on funds in cases where the goal is not reached (and the fundraiser decides not to refund). I’m also not a big fan of the term “viral” for something not launched yet.

If his new film is as good as Homecoming, though, these are small points.

Oh, and on a side note, Mike: You will probably be amused to see that, thanks to your video, Google now thinks I am gay.


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