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Hooded – experience torture in images and sound

Hooded – experience torture in images and sound

This new video from Amnesty International is about what being tortured Is like. Done before in many forms but mostly not as powerful as this attempt.

Director Camille Herren: “Just two minutes long, this film uses a unique approach by marrying abstract images with intense sound design to convey the auditory and visual experiences associated with torture. It’s a disturbing but gripping film that demonstrates the shocking effects of torture techniques such as water boarding and “hooding”.”

It is indeed. Try to experience it also with your eyes closed and put your speakers loud.
This film has been made as part of Amnesty International’s Security with Human Rights campaign, which aims to end abuses of human rights which take place in the context of terrorism, countering terrorism and national security.

This film is also available in French, Spanish, Arabic and Russian.

Hat tip to David Gianatasio.


Amnesty International
Additional credits:
Director: Camille Herren
Writer: Judd Caraway
Executive Producer: Marc Hawker
Editor: Will Judge
DP: Job Kraaijeveld
Sound Design: Niels den Otter at Audentity / HECQ
Cast: Kaira Diagne, Delilah Van Eyck
Voice: Mustafa Duygulu
Prouduction Company: Comrad
Producer: Mike De Zwart
Production Manager: Marty Keizer
Art Director: Julia Reijman
Sound Producer: Gerben Molenaar
Post-Production: Glassworks
Colorist: Scott Harris
Flame: Lise Prud’homme

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