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Ho’s this for social marketing?

Ho’s this for social marketing?

I’m not sure how I feel about this sex worker advocacy campaign. The intent is obvious and clever enough. But when I read the copy, I at first assumed that it was another example of a non-English campaign that had been poorly anglicized for international ad industry audiences.


But it’s not. It’s from English-speaking Halifax, in Canada. So why does it feel so forced?


I’m not sure. Perhaps the campaign would have been much more effective in grabbing attention if more common, nasty, modern slurs like “whore” or even “ho” were used. But I can’t imagine the client being okay with that. After all, the whole objective of the campaign is to prevent the public from dehumanizing sex workers. And the client is in the business of harm reduction, not shaming. But is this approach appropriate to their work at all, then? Does using a softer word make it okay?

You decide. I’m just posting it because it’s an important issue that needs more attention.



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