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Poignant voiceover remind us that nobody is immune from the pain of a sick child

Poignant voiceover remind us that nobody is immune from the pain of a sick child

BC Childrens Hospital Foundation: A Sick Child Affects Everyone

‘A Sick Child Affects Everyone’ is the a new emotionally charged fundraising campaign for BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. Three TV ads and three radio ads bring us the painful journey experienced by parents, grandparents, siblings, extended family and friends caring for a sick child.

“There is no book for this” the father thinks in the second TV ad. It’s almost a feeling of helplessness and a donation can soften it slightly.

Stephen Forgacs from BC Children’s Hospital Foundation explains: “There’s no question that a child’s illness has a tremendous impact on the people around them. This impact extends well beyond immediate family and into communities across the province. In supporting our hospital, donors touch the lives of thousands of people well beyond the hospital walls; agency DARE realistically captured the journey of family and friends affected by a sick child through this campaign.”

The TV and radio campaign is now live and will run throughout the year.  Print ads will appear from June.

BC Childrens Hospital Foundation
DARE Vancouver
Additional credits:
Creative Directors: Addie Gillespie, Mia Thomsett
Writers: Addie Gillespie, Mia Thomsett
Art Directors: Addie Gillespie, Mia Thomsett
Account Director: Natalie Wu
Planning Director: Catherine Piercy
Producer: Ann Rubenstein, Claire Khan
Director of Communications: Stephen Forgacs

Production Company: OPC
Executive Producer: Harland Weiss, Donovan Boden
Director: Nicolas Monette
Director of Photography: Nicolas Bolduc
Line Producer: Dwight Phipps

Post Production: Saints Editorial
Editors: Ross Birchall, Danica Pardo
Executive Producer: Tory Osler

Post Facilities: Alter Ego
Online Editor: Steve Mcgregor
Transfer Facility: Alter Ego
Colourist: Tricia Hagoriles
Executive Producer VFX: Cheyenne Bloomfield
VFX Assistant: Michelle Demelo

Audio House: GGRP
Casting/Producer/Director: Alistair Abell
Engineer: Dave Gaudet
Executive Producer: Gord Lord

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