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How can you make #SexEd more effective? Teach it as math!

How can you make #SexEd more effective? Teach it as math!

Here’s an interesting campaign, by McCann Lima for Save the Children Peru.

With the participation of schools, teachers, and parents’ groups, the campaign “hacked” the standard word-problems used in math class, by making them all about the challenges of being a teenage parent:

It’s an interesting approach, which manages not to shame teen parents, but rather demonstrate the difficult reality of having kids while still in school.

Mauricio Fernández Maldonado, McCann Lima Creative VP, told Creative Pool:

“In a traditional society such as Peru, in which sex education is still a taboo to many parts of the population, we sought a creative way to make the teenage pregnancy problem more visible to youngsters, by showing them the real, every day impact it may have in their lives.”

With 15% of Peruvian girls under the age of 16 already having had a child, early pregnancy is a major challenge to the later success of women. McCann Lima says that the Peruvian Ministry of Education has shown interest in incorporating the subject in their standard curriculum.

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