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How many dumb ways to die?

How many dumb ways to die?

Death has a funny side: no doubt about it. Especially when it is superbly animated like this case. Also the website of the campaign is cool.
But let’s make the unpleasant (but necessary) questions: is this campaign going to score the goal? Is it really going to be that the next time we will cross the rails we will sing to ourselves this funny song and will remember that we need to be careful?
Well, I don’t know, really, but I want to share this doubt with you.

What I surely think is that this campaign would really work if run on the monitors of the Metro wagons (but again metro wagons don’t have audio) combined with printed poster for the ambient around the stations.
In any case the executions is just great, don’t know about you, but I will just sing “so many dumb ways to die” for all day long

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