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How To Drink Properly

How To Drink Properly

Good intentions gone .. bad. If there is right way to drink than there is also a right way to get drunk not hitting the bottle? This australian campaign against drinking makes me confused. Teaching people properly to drink? Prevention campaign with conclusion that drinking (could be or) is a classy social activity. Don’t ruin your reputation falling off your bar stool – stay classy and you are going to be more attractive for opposite sex!
Avoid drinking “like an amateur” and be “experienced” drinker!? I got a better idea: Don’t drink at all!

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Drinkwise: How To Drink Properly

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On FB page How To Drink Properly :

“Keep in mind these classy guidelines:

-Keep it classy
I’m not against the f-bomb or the odd naughty word for emphasis, but lets keep the extreme obscenities for when you stub your toe. Oh, and that includes the visual stuff too. Keep that shit on your phone, please.

-Look out for your mates
We’re all friends here. So let’s act like it. I’ll draw the line at wearing matching outfits but it’d be good if everyone kept the vibe positive and didn’t bully, harass or do any of that un-classy stuff.

-Don’t share amateur drinking tales
If you’re an experienced drinker, feel free to share your tales of drinking properly success. But keep those amateur drinking stories to yourself.

-We’re all adults here
No, seriously. This content is only suitable for those 18+. “

“Don’t be a dickhead”, don’t drink at all!

More on the home page about “How to drink properly” not falling of the bar stool:


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