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How to grow hatred

How to grow hatred

  • First you must take your enemies and imprison them without fair trial or proper safeguards.
  • Isolate them from their families and mix in inhumane conditions.
  • Feed with abuse, then leave to take root and spread.
  • Soon hatred will be growing everywhere.

From the ICRC website: Torture is an affront to humanity and a crime. In addition, it feeds a cycle of violence, often engendering hatred not only among those who suffer directly but among entire communities. In places of detention ill-treatment and abuse is prevalent in many countries. The ICRC has produced a new TV spot and print ad to support its efforts to prevent torture and other forms of ill-treatment.

Wow, this is not only advertising, this is modern art. This is gonna be a pricewinner next year on many festivals.
As I wrote before the Red Cross movement is becoming a very modern and outspoken institute. In my perspective they are doing a good job but are so boring. I had to change my thoughts about that.
Just like this video, in style to reach the game generation.

The Geneva Conventions prohibit the abuse of prisoners in wartime. The ICRC remains committed to working throughout the world to ensure that detainees are treated with humanity.
May I concluded that if the ICRC made such a outspoken campaign, there is really a very very big problem at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay.

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