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How to look your best the morning after #dontcoveritup

How to look your best the morning after #dontcoveritup

Remarkable. This is the second video in a short time with a makeup artist doing cause advertising.
Tom wrote a few days ago about the online distracted driving PSA by Nikkie, a 17-year-old Dutch make-up artist who has been creating YouTube tutorials since she was 14.
The video already got over 400.000 views on YouTube.

The campaign in this post will be as successful as the one with Nikkie.

Hia Everyone,
Hope you’re all well?
I’m not feeling 100% today so I’ve done a video on how to look your best the morning after.
Sorry if I’m not me usual perky self but the look turned out great and I think it’s perfect whether you’re off out or just staying home with your other half.

Thanks so much for watching, sharing, liking and most of all supporting all that I do.
For more info on today’s look go here.



The cause of this campaign is more predictable, it is about domestic violence.
The actress is Lauren Luke, a self-taught British makeup artist whose YouTube tutorials have tallied more than 140 million views over the past five years. She did it for Refuge: “We are committed to a world where domestic violence is not tolerated or ignored and where women and children can live in safety.”

The main idea behind the campaign is that people don’t want to talk about domestic abuse. That is why Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH, the agency behind the campaign) opted for a famous person. Someone who can reach the target audience. A Trojan horse how BBH call it.

BBH: “Lauren’s relationship with her audience is paramount; every content decision and direction she makes is with her subscribers in mind. Her enthusiasm for the cause and participation in shocking her fans is, in short, the kind of unstinting bravery needed to tackle domestic violence as a subject.”

Lauren Luke Interview:

Bartle Bogle Hegarty
Additional credits:
Copywriter: Jack Smedley
Art Director: George Hackforth
Art Director: Stephen Noble
Film directed by: Wesley Hawes and Gary McCreadie
Creative Director: Pablo Marques
Strategists: Claire Coady & Simon Robertson

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