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How to save the Bluefin

How to save the Bluefin

This is what I like the most blogging for Osocio. Today Lut from Cibe Communicatie send me this link to No well thought marketing campaign made with a big budget. Just an initiative from two Belgium adverting students, Michael and Diederik, who are shocked about the fact that bluefin tuna is almost extinct.

They decided to use there advertising skills and tools for changing behaviours according the bluefin.
They did it without any budget, just blood, sweat and tears.

The bluefin tuna is one of the most endangered species on our planet. Due to massive overfishing for the booming sushi industry, specialists estimate that the last bluefin will die in 2012. This short animation video explains the story of the bluefin and shows explicit facts about the bluefin industry.
This animation is made to raise awaireness about the extinction of the bluefin tuna. The majority of the people doesn’t realise that their favourite sushi is in fact a highly endangered species. Michael and Diederik launched both a project and a NGO, that has only one mission: to save the bluefin tuna.

The video was published online two days ago and got already some international attention. Without a marketing campaign. Great work!

Give them support at their website, Facebook and Twitter.

Storyboard & Animation: Michael Dilissen & Diederik Jeangout
Audio: LABS Musik/Laurent Aglat
Voice-over: Heather Bain

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