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How to Shop Safely: Follow the Frog

How to Shop Safely: Follow the Frog

It is Rainforest Alliance Week. Therefore the organization came with this campaign video yesterday. Their logo is a frog. It is also used in the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal.
Will grocery shoppers avoid disaster and choose the right products? Find out by Follow the Frog.

Finally the message is simple: Choose coffee, tea, chocolate, fruit, paper and furniture that features the green frog seal.

Watch shoppers navigate the potentially hazardous supermarket aisles. It’s a jungle out there! They’ll need our frog’s help if they want to avoid personal mishaps and find sustainably grown products.

The campaign video is made by Latte Creative in a very unusual visual style. It is well known in comic books but it isn’t for non-profit campaigns. Perhaps they bring the story a little complicated but I love the graphics. It is the kind of video you can watch many times before it gets boring. Sustainable design! 🙂


Rainforest Alliance
Latte Creative

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