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Human Rights Explained In A Beautiful Two Minute Animation

Human Rights Explained In A Beautiful Two Minute Animation

Somewhat nonchalant yet clear, that is the voice from english actor Tim Key telling us what Human Rights are. It is about the values which help keep our society fair, just and equal. Our regular website visitors know that it is one of our cornerstones. These same visitors also know that we like to see packaged in a beautiful, mostly visual, message. And is what did with this beautiful two minute animation. (Actually they spend a few extra words as background information on this webpage.)

Via Social Design Notes

Narrated by Tim Key
Directed by Cub Studio
Produced by Yoav Segal & Cub Studio
Concept by Adam Wagner & Yoav Segal
Written by Adam Wagner, Yoav Segal & Cub Studio
Animated by Cub Studio
Sound Design & Mix by Morgan Samuel
Production support by Charlotte Thomas
Voice Record by SNK Studios

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