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“Humans live here” – FESTIVAL DE CANNES 2015.

“Humans live here” – FESTIVAL DE CANNES 2015.
Humans live here” (Court METRAGE Short film corner FESTIVAL DE CANNES 2015) is a film made by two Moscow students who went to war and tried to show people all that they had seen and heard there. The film narrates an armed conflict in Donbass which affected civilians first of all. The real people became principal characters: an artist, a ballet dancer, doctors and teachers, children and participants of resistance. They answer the question of what was the reason for shooting attacks of schools and child care centers, residential blocks and playgrounds. This is not only a story of war, it is rather about war theater and its reasons, a story of war in a place where humans live.
source: YouTube

Taking the civilwar from another point of view is important. War is never black and white. Politicans are painting it but the Civilians are the one who are trying to survive it. The truth of War is always sad and grey.

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