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Hundreds join hands with UNICEF to give girls back their voice

Hundreds join hands with UNICEF to give girls back their voice


People from all over Zurich and Geneva came out in the cold on Human Rights Day (December 10) to form a human chain across the two cities to demonstrate their support for UNICEF’s campaign to stop violence against girls. The local participants that lit up the cities with glowing signs and balloons were joined by Anatole Taubman, the Swiss-born actor known internationally for his roles in Band of Brothers (HBO), Spooks (BBC) and The Tudors (BBC).

It was the final event of the national campaign ‘Stop Violence against Girls’ which began on 20 November for International Children’s Day. Created by Saatchi & Saatchi Zurich for UNICEF, the campaign includes a series of graphic images and films shot by internationally renowned photographer Marco Grob, most famous for his series of 9/11 photographs.

The campaign features images of girls from different cultural backgrounds, telling anonymous stories based on factual cases from India, Pakistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nicaragua, Nigeria and the Ukraine. Each of the striking images contains a direct call to action to ‘Stop violence against girls’ and donate to ‘give them back their own voice’. In recognition of this, each member of the human chain wore a specially created mask over their mouths, symbolising the plight of girls around the world.

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Elsbeth Muller, Executive Director of UNICEF Switzerland: “The world owes girls a supportive environment and most importantly protection from harmful practices such as femalegenital mutilation, forced marriage and honor killing.  The goal is to break through the wall of silence that often surrounds girls confronted with violence or discrimination. By calling problems by their name and talking about them, we help the concerning parties to defend themselves.”

Juerg Aemmer, Executive Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi Zurich: “The problem is a delicate subject. The goal of this orchestrated promotion, which includes the highlight of a human chain, is that we neither provoke nor work with stereotypes, but instead have the courage to act and make a change for the girls.”





The advertising campaign contains many videos in three languages.
See them all at the UNICEF Schweiz channel at YouTube.


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