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I Am Elena

I Am Elena

If the slave trade was abolished in the UK over 200 years ago, why are more than 80 women trafficked here every week and sold for sexual exploitation?

These women are fleeing from conflict, poverty and family abuse and are often lured by false promises of education and employment abroad. On arrival they are beaten or raped into submission, then forcibly and repeatedly sold for sex.
They have had to endure unimaginable acts of cruelty. They are psychologically and physically damaged but too frightened and ashamed to ask for help.
If they try to escape, traffickers threaten to attack their families. If they do escape, the UK authorities provide no immediate protection, often threatening to return them home where the traffickers are waiting for them.

The Helen Bamber Foundation ask you to sign this petition ratifying the Convention Against Trafficking.

Helen Bamber Foundation

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