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I am Gay and I live here

I am Gay and I live here


This campaign, running in Harlem New York, is made for the New York State Black Gay Network. In order to reach the target audience, which is inner-city African American MSM (Men who have Sex with Men), it is important to reach their community members who don’t acknowledge that homosexuality even exists, nevermind needs safe-sex messaging.

There are so many problems with self-esteem and internalized homophobia within this risk-group that just saying “use a condom if you are a gay man” is not going to reach the right people. Studies have shown that many African American men who have sex with men don’t consider themselves to be gay.
For this campaign therefore, made by Better World Advertising, the main message had to be “I am Gay”; I live here, I am your son, I am your church member, I am your friend.

The first target is to normalize the existence of MSM in that community, before talking about prevention.
This campaign ran in Harlem on building wallscapes, subway posters, postcards, posters, and a dedicated website.



New York State Black Gay Network
Better World Advertising

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