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I can’t wait for my daughter’s first cell phone bill

I can’t wait for my daughter’s first cell phone bill

Advertising agency Hill Holliday has introduced a new television spot for Chili’s highlighting the restaurant chain’s annual drive to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospitals, which provide care for children with cancer.

The 30-second spot features parents who have children with cancer talking about their desire to see their kids grow up.

“We wanted the spot to be as authentic as possible,” said Steve Grskovic, an associate creative director at Boston-based Hill Holliday, in a prepared written statement. “We were given the opportunity to produce this with St. Jude parents, at St. Jude’s facility. So we took it. They’d like nothing more than to be able to witness their children live a normal childhood. Even if that means borrowing the car and leaving it on empty.”

To date, Chili’s has raised $25 million of its $50 million, 10-year commitment, according to a press release from Hill Holliday.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospitals
Hill Holliday, Boston USA
Additional credits:
Creative Director: Joe Berkley
Art Director: Steven Grskovic
Copywriter: Daniel Jordan
Production Company: St. Jude In-House Production
Directors: Brent Royer (St. Jude), Steven Grskovic, and Daniel Jordan (HHCC)
Editor: Liz Colanto
Agency Producer: Jillian Ring
Animation/Color Correction: Brickyard VFX Boston – Peter Bullis (Flame) and Robin Hobart (Animation)

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