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I hate him so much

I hate him so much


This is the follow-up of the campaign from Florida based Family Resources Inc. which I posted about before. In this stage of the campaign a new website is launched: The campaign aims to help couples get through rough points in their marriage. Initially, the project was supposed to promote marriage but research clearly showed marriage is hugely popular and widely sought after in the United States. The problem: marriages are frequently not well planned, not well executed, and subsequently discarded. The challenge became helping people build better marriages.

No easy assignment for a lightly funded mass media campaign. So the plan is to depend on breakthrough ideas that reach people where they are when they need the help. Here’s where women are – angry. This site empathizes with that reality, let’s them play with that feeling a bit, and then offers tip and, for the inspired, a path to a lot more help.
The website includes a little inter-active voodoo doll, which represents (of course) him.

The group Mitchell”>agency Salter > Mitchell made this campaign for – Family Resources Inc. – is an apolitical social service agency that offers marriage counseling and other services. Some Americans may confuse it with the Family Research Council, a right-wing political group also based in Florida known for its gay-bashing, hate speech, and skewing of Christianity to meet political aims.

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