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I Want To Be Recycled

I Want To Be Recycled

Keep America Beautiful

The average American produces 4.4 pounds of trash a day, and on the whole the United States produces over 250 million tons of trash a year. However, only about 35 percent is currently recycled, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). To address this national concern, the Ad Council and Keep America Beautiful (KAB) launched a public service advertising (PSA) campaign designed to raise awareness about the benefits of recycling with the goal to make recycling a daily social norm.

Dear America check this great interactive campaign created by San Francisco-based ad agency Pereira & O’Dell and discover how your garbage gets another life and Find out what each material wants to be! (more after the break)

”I Want To Be Recycled” Campaign to Target the Nearly Two-Thirds (62 Percent) of Americans Who Are Not Avid Recyclers from 3BL Media on Vimeo.

“We are thrilled to be again collaborating with Keep America Beautiful, our longstanding partner in creating PSAs that lead to a more sustainable environment, as we work to increase rates of recycling nationwide,” said Peggy Conlon, president and CEO of the Ad Council. “Together, I know that we can reach the ‘occasional’ recycler and transform recycling into a simple, daily habit for millions of Americans.”

“This campaign is the emotional push needed to raise awareness and positively change people’s behavior to recycle more. Our intent is to increase recycling rates, which translates into measurable benefits including waste reduction, energy savings, natural resource conservation and job creation,” said Brenda Pulley, Keep America Beautiful senior vice president, recycling. “Based on survey feedback, we know people want to recycle. This campaign is designed to tap into that desire as well as provide helpful tools to make recycling easier.”

“The core idea is to tell people to recycle and give their garbage another life. Showing that a bottle has dreams seems like a very powerful yet delicate way of doing it,” said PJ Pereira, chief creative officer at Pereira & O’Dell. Source:

Here is ”I Want To Be Recycled”  Radio Campaign

Keep America Beautiful

Keep America Beautiful

Btw, about ten percent of all the world’s plastic waste ends up in the ocean. Due to ocean currents, most of this plastic gathers in the Pacific Ocean. It also greatly affects marine life. Over a million seabirds and 100 thousand marine mammals die every year from trying to eat these plastics which they mistake for food. (Marks and Howden, 2008)

In early 2010 David de Rothschild sailed across the Pacific Ocean on a catamaran made buoyant by 12,500 reclaimed plastic bottles to alert the world to the shocking effects of single use plastics on the health of our oceans. The message and journey was seen and heard around the world by millions.

The fact is that 75 percent of the aluminum scrap that the United States exports ends up in China. Or 60 percent of its scrap paper exports. Or 50 percent of its plastic.. But not anymore: the Chinese government launched the Operation Green Fence.
Wang Jiwei, vice president and secretary-general of the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Recycling Metal Branch (CMRA), referred to Operation Green Fence as a 10-month effort by China’s national customs agency “to strengthen the supervision” of environmental standards.
According to Wang, the Green Fence initiative has a timeline running from February to November 2013 that will focus on random inspection of all forms of “imported waste,” meaning metallic, plastic, textiles, rubber and recovered paper materials.

Well, a butterfly in China has caused a tornado in the World!

Where will we put all this garbage?

World needs more awareness camapigns about the benefits of recycling!

There’s more to come!

Keep America Beautiful (KAB) & the Ad Council
Pereira & O’Del

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