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I wear only sweat but at least it’s mine

I wear only sweat but at least it’s mine

10 videos in this post selected from 116 submissions for the REC A<FAIR.
REC A<FAIR is a German short film competition about Fair Trade organized by Forum Fairer Handel. Recently they announced the winner, see below.

Not all videos which are submitted meet the high communication standards. Special skills are needed to make a good storyline and good editing is crucial. Nevertheless I’m surprised about the amount of videos submitted for this contest.

Most videos are in German but it is obvious what it is about: Fair Trade. All submissions and full credits at the contest website.

The video above is my favourite.
Title: I wear only sweat
Director: Manon Heugel

Below the contest winner:
Title: Du hast es in der Hand (You’re in control)
Director: Kai Uwe Lipphardt, Martin Murch
A guy buys a bar of chocolate in the supermarket. Just like it happens every day a thousand times.


Title: Gleichgewicht (Balance)
Director: Dagmar Voit

Title: Der gute Wille (The good will)
Director: Andreas Deininger

Title: Sellout
Director: THE OAKS, Karsten Prühl

Title: Fair Textil (Fair Textile)
Director: Johannes Kizler

Title: Think fair
Director: Pascal Marczona, Jan Paustian

Title: Woken Up
Director: Konstantin Kann

Title: Voll korrekt (Fully correct)
Director: Thorsten Wassermeyer

Title: Schwere Kost
Director: Ian Delù

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