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I wouldn’t steal

I wouldn’t steal

The Greens | European Free Alliance in the European Parliament made this video as a statement against the media industry who fights against illegal downloading and copying.
According to The Greens the media industry has failed to offer viable legal alternatives and they will fail to convince consumers that sharing equals stealing. The media industry have succeeded in another area – lobbying to adapt laws to criminalize sharing, turning consumers into criminals. The Greens say the industry argues that their laws are necessary to support artists, but in reality all they’re protecting is their own profits.
The Greens in Europe and worldwide has been opposing these laws. They believe that consumers are willing to pay if offered good quality at a fair price. They also believe that sharing is expanding culture – not killing it.
Dedicated website: I wouldn’t steal.

The video from The Greens is also a respons on this video below.

I wouldn’t steal
Additional credits:
A Collaboration between Greens-EFA and Råfilm
Produced by Carl Schlyter

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