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If England get beaten, so will she

If England get beaten, so will she

NCDV If England get beaten, so will she

“Reports of domestic violence increase 26% when England plays and 38% when England loses.” Enough said. New from the UK’s National Centre for Domestic abuse and ad agency JWT. More here.

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  1. Judy 3 months ago

    This isn’t true. Football does not cause domestic abuse. Abusers are already abusers. Yes incidents may rise after a match but they rise after many things Christmas, New Year, Bank holidays, birthdays the weekend etc etc. Continuing to promote this myth is very unhelpful.

  2. Liesbeth 3 months ago

    It doesn’t say it causes domestic abuse, it says it increases it. Indeed, any excuse to beat up a spouse and/or kids suffices. And probably more alcohol intake as well.

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