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If frogs go extinct, you’ll notice

If frogs go extinct, you’ll notice

In this campaign the Vancouver Aquarium makes us aware of the single largest mass extinction event since the disappearance of the dinosaurs.
Together with other zoos and aquarium’s across North America and around the world, the Vancouver Aquarium is engaged in a wide array of conservation initiatives focused on this crisis through direct action, raising awareness and participation in rescue programs.

The Vancouver office of the Canadian advertising agency TAXI has completed a fully integrated campaign wich contains a video, print ads and a 80s-style interactive videogame. This game, titled Frogster, is an interactive tool designed to educate the player about the importance of frogs. The game illustrates key aspects that are affecting this extinction emergency – the deadly chytrid fungus, habitat loss, climate change and water pollution, among others.

The bullfrog ballet as shown below was created by the people of the Vancouver aquarium themselves to grab attention and deliver an awareness message about the mass extinction of frogs and their participation in Amphibian Ark.

Jeff Heywood, Manager of Content Production from the Vancouver Aquarium about TAXI:

“The process with Taxi was also phenomenal as they really took the time to understand us and the issues, then communicated clearly with my department as we were developing the exhibit. Because of that, we were able to provide them with information about our production schedule and provide them with the live frog footage they needed easily without causing grief to our production schedule. The communication was really good.”





Vancouver Aquarium
Taxi Canada Inc.
Additional credits:
Production – Spin West
Editing – Slim Gin & Tonic
Audio – GGRP
Frog Footage – Vancouver Aquarium

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