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If the past’s interfering with your relationship

If the past’s interfering with your relationship


This years follow up of the remarkable Aids/HIV awareness campaign from the Federal Office of Public Health (Bundesambt für Gesundheit Switzerland) in collaboration with the Swiss Aids Federation. The main message is: check your love life. Think about what you have done in the past as speaking about sex. Do a HIV test before you start a new relationship. Until then:
No intercourse without a condom
No sperm or blood in the mouth.

Although I like the campaign from last year more, I think this one is very powerfull. The one complaint I got is the use of stereotypes. The second picture for instance (family) is about payed love life in the past from the father. Not every man is behaving like that or is that naive thought?

More info and the complete campaign in four languages:



Bundesambt für Gesundheit (Switzerland)
Euro RSCG Switzerland

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