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If you’re ready for zombies, you’re ready for a disaster.

If you’re ready for zombies, you’re ready for a disaster.

I’m pleased to let you know that Day Five of British Columbia’s Zombie Preparedness Week survivor blog contains some happy news:



We just got word that the zombies have been destroyed! Something about them being allergic to pollen in the air. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was because they starved – too many people out there with family emergency plans, emergency preparedness kits, will to survive and all that.


The week-long blog was part of Emergency Info BC’s zombie preparedness web campaign.

What will prepare you for a zombie outbreak? Knowing the risks, planning your escape route & making an emergency kit.

(You’ll note that missing are any tips about how to get a good head-shot. Not to mention Zombieland’s rule #2 … The Double Tap.)

Why was the month of May chosen for Zombie Preparedness Week? Because, “Cult classics like Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead are set in spring”. Hey, makes sense.

When the Canadian Red Cross blogged about this campaign, they noted that it’s not the first time a government agency has made use of zombies for a greater purpose.

Last year the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) released a zombie preparedness comic book & zombie poster set.


What do you think? Does the threat of zombies motivate you to pull out a rubbermaid bin and finally put together that emergency kit?

Emergency Info British Columbia
The Canadian Red Cross

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