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I’m a asshole and I park wherever I please

I’m a asshole and I park wherever I please


This adhesive is from the Greek activist group Streetpanthers. They are a group of friends who can’t stand the terrible situation for pedestrians in their country anymore.
The text on the adhesives: ίμαι γάιδαρος, παρκάρω όπου γουστάρω / I’m an ass (exact translation: donkey) and I park wherever I please.
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According to the Streetpanthers cardrivers have no respect for pedestrians. Sidewalks and zebra crossings are occupied by cars, walking isn’t safe anymore.
They printed and distributed thousands of these adhesives. Every asshole who is blocking the sidewalk gets a adhesive on his car.

Streetpanthers: “A self-adhesive reminder for inconsiderate drivers to respect those who commit the unforgivable crime of walking.
The misbehavers get one on the windshield as an initial indication that something about their mentality is wrong.
The explanation for the “I-park-where-I-want-and-I-don’t-care-about-anyone” phenomenon is rather simple. The dumb cannot see the crosswalks. Not that they ignore them, they just don’t see them. The pedestrian-, crosswalks-, and walking-genes do not exist in their brain. They stop and park their cars, as if pedestrians were see-through. After the sticker is placed though, they start complying!”

Until now 250.000 adhesives are ordered and distributed.

Other artwork:

Do I bother pedestrians?
I don’t give a shit
that’s how I like to park.


I am an asshole (donkey) and I park wherever I please.


Before you park at a handicapped parking spot out of convenience, think about what inconvenience means.


Stupidity is not a handicap.
Handicapped spaces are for handicapped people.


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