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“I’m a transgender woman, and I’m part of DC”

“I’m a transgender woman, and I’m part of DC”


Yesterday, the government Office of Human Rights of the The District of Columbia (the jurisdiction around Washington) released a new campaign affirming the rights of its transgendered citizens.

Buzzfeed interviewed Kisha, who appears in the ad above:

“I think it’s going to have a great impact,” she said. “The fact that it is going to be right there in your face. People will see transgender people. They’re going through everyday life, everyday struggles — the same as straight people, rich people, everyone. Getting the message out there … is going to be great.”

The “we’re just like you, most of the time” approach has worked for the acceptance of other LBGT groups in the United States, where over half of Americans now support full legal rights for same-sex couples (including marriage). How can you go wrong when you just speak the truth?

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