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“I’m not unemployable, I’m autistic”

“I’m not unemployable, I’m autistic”

This is the new campaign video which follows the viral hit ‘Can you make it to the end?‘ That video from the British National Autistic Society was designed to give viewers a greater understanding of what autism looks and feels like.

The viral hit was made in POV style just as new video titled ‘Could You Stand the Rejection?’. It is about what job interviews can be like for an autistic person.

The film’s star, played by autistic actor Max Green, becomes increasingly overwhelmed by anxiety and uncertainty about what’s being asked of him, to the point where he’s unable to demonstrate his ability to do the job. At the end of the film we see Max, outside the offices, upset and overwhelmed. The film finishes with the message: “I’m not unemployable, I’m autistic”.

Mark Lever, Chief Executive of the National Autistic Society:

Not all autistic people are able to work. But many are and are desperate to find a job which reflects their talent and interests. With a little understanding and small adjustments to recruitment and the workplace, they can be a real asset to businesses across the UK. Autistic people deserve that chance.

Don’t Panic the agency behind the campaigns use the POV style in the videos as a conscious choice to be as authentic as possible. Lead Creative Alistair Griggs explains:

We knew the film had to accurately show an autistic person’s real life experience of looking for work and so it was really important for us to meet and speak with members of the autistic community. We knew they’d provide valuable insight into the problems and misunderstandings they can face every day.
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