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“I’m talking about alcohol” ads might be too cute for their own good

“I’m talking about alcohol” ads might be too cute for their own good


This lightweight but entertaining campaign from Switzerland shows the many pitfalls of binge drinking, from trying to drive drunk (and being stopped) to sexual dysfunction, run-ins with the law, social embarrassment and personal injury.

I’m not sure the message is crystal clear here, however, because many of these consequences are comical. Who hasn’t heard a young person brag about their own “war stories” of extreme drunkenness? (The “too drunk to” scenario, below, was even memorialized with its own punk anthem.) With the exception of the car keys, all the others just seem like inconveniences. Is that really going to change anyone’s behaviour?

Being a Swiss campaign, the ads had to work trilingually. German, French and Italian versions of all five ads (what a media trafficking nightmare!) are all posted on the campaign YouTube Channel, although the visual scenarios are pretty universal.

See the other three German versions:

Ich spreche über Alkohol
Gestalt, Switzerland
Ads of The World

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