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Imagine, this would be your face

Imagine, this would be your face


A great catch form Coolz0r (with great help from Daniella) this campaign for the Internationale Gesellschaft für Menschenrechte IGFM (International Society for Human Rights) from Germany.
There are countries where stoning someone to death is still common. IGFM is fighting against this kind of punishment and got a dedicated website.

I love this kind of confrontating advertising. Advertising? I think it’s art.
This first picture (above) is a adhesive which IGFM sells. Stick it on your carwindow.
Text on the adhesive: Stellen sie sich vor, die Scheibe wäre Ihr Gesicht.
Imagine, this would be your face.

Below pictures from a street campaign.
Text on the label which is hold in the ‘hand’: Todesursache: Tod durch Steinigung. Todeszeitpunkt: 10/12/02. Das könnte Ihr Arm sein. Wenn Sie zum Beispiel im Sudan leben. Und ein Scharia-Gericht meint, Sie hätten Ehebruch begangen. Die ICFM kämpft dafür, dass die Steinigung weltweit geächtet wird. Helfen Sie uns.
Cause of Death: Stoning to death. Time of Death: 12/10/02. This could be your arm. If you lived in Sudan for example. And a Sharia-trial thinks you committed adultery. The ICFM fights for a global ban on stonings. Help us.

The last two pictures about the same issue, nice idea.







Internationale Gesellschaft für Menschenrechte IGFM
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