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Imagine you were turned away by a taxi driver

Imagine you were turned away by a taxi driver

Imagine that you are blind and dependent on a guide dog. And that you were turned away by a taxi driver because of that dog. That’s the story in this funny video from the English charity Guide Dogs.

The refusal is illegal but happens more often than we think. According to research from the charity prosecutions are rare and fines are low, with some licensing authorities that responded reporting fines as low as £50 to £100.

James White, Senior Campaigns Manager, at Guide Dogs:

Imagine you were turned away by a driver. This happens to people living with sight loss with shocking regularity just because they are accompanied by a guide dog. It’s not only illegal, it knocks people’s confidence and stops them doing the everyday things that most people take for granted. We want tougher sentences for drivers who turn away assistance dog owners. We would also like to see the introduction of disability awareness training for all taxi and minicab drivers across Britain.

The funny sketch in the video is done by Bafta award winning actor Jason Watkins and comedians Toby Williams and Paul F Taylor.

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