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Immigrants For Sale

Immigrants For Sale

I wrote before about the controversial SB1070 in the USA. Above is the new video from Cuéntame, a Latino network which started on Facebook.
The SB 1070 is a legislative Act in the U.S. state of Arizona that is the broadest and strictest anti-illegal immigration measure in recent U.S. history. It has received national and international attention and has spurred considerable controversy. [Wikipedia]

The latest video from Cuéntame is what they call “an incredibly lucrative business”.

Just last year the private prison industry secured close to $5 billion through state and government elicited contracts of which an increasing percentage is attributed to migrant detention facilities and bed spaces. An NPR report outlined how CCA aims to translate the anti-immigrant rhetoric and political void into a long-lasting cash drive–believing that immigrants will provide a fresh influx of ‘guests’ in their less then onerous ‘hotel’ cells. Even worse, CCA founder Tomas Beasly once called his scheme ‘more profitable’ than selling burgers or cars–a clear indication that any sense of justice in the prison industry will be forever trumped by cash flows and profit margins.
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