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Inequality matters

Inequality matters


Inequality of income, access to health and education, and access to markets for trade is trapping people in a cycle of poverty despite their best efforts.

The posters in the “Inequality Matters” series illustrate how much disparity there is in the world even in the fundamental human condition. Rich countries, for example, account for more than 50 percent of the world’s annual income, but less than 20 percent of the population.

About the Inequality Matters campaign
The original poster series was conceived and designed by Tom Geismar through AIGA for the Human Development Report Office of the United Nations Development Programme in anticipation of The 2005 World Summit. The Summit, which was held on September 14-16, 2005, was the largest gathering of world leaders in history. Heads of state forged a common agenda on international development, security and human rights.

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Credits of the posters:
First: Allan Espiritu, Mike Capen; AIGA Philadelphia
Second: Nancy Mata, Ben Cunningham; AIGA Philadelphia
Third: Johnathan King; AIGA Cleveland
Fourth: Allan Espiritu, Johnathan Small; AIGA Philadelphia




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