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Innocence in Danger – Sweet boy naked in the shower

Innocence in Danger – Sweet boy naked in the shower

This video is for me, honestly, one of the most terrifying in this year. Very smart. Very direct. But highly effective? I don’t think so.

The new video of Innocence in Danger (Agency: glow) tries to intervene preventively. To protect the children, but also to protect against possible criminal behavior of pedophiles.

Is a such prevention possible at all and how the pedophiles are so far from  to identify themselves and to seek for a help?

I spent the whole day thinking before I started to write \about this campaign.

Do I want to help pedophiles with therapy, to protect them from themselves, or do I want to lock them up in a psychiatric ward?

Personally, I can’t pardon or compromise with the Perpetrator because he is a culprit as soon as he starts to watch this video with a  sexual interest in seeing the child. The main message of this campaign is “Please think and seek help before you become a perpetrator.” But in a sense, it’s already too late.

I believe the trigger in the brain for the Pedophilia disorder is quite distant from the rational mind.

As you see, I hardly believe in this campaign will have any positive effect. To be straight with you, I also have no understanding of the target of the ad as somebody who can be treated with a therapy.

The campaign goal is clear but the question is, is it realistic? In the course of therapy, the person concerned is given support to learn to live with their pedophilic tendency. To learn to live with it and be a ticking bomb in the society?

In this case …“Sexologists discuss, among other developmental disorders of the brain, hormonal and neurotransmitter abnormalities, early attachment and relationship disorders as well as the patient’s own sexual abuse experiences… In the year 2012, succeeded by brain scan at Kiel University Hospital to distinguish of non-pedophiles and pedophiles with an accuracy of 95 percent. In a large-scale research project scientists are currently investigating possible neurobiological causes. ” Source n-tv

I think that this disease is not curable. It is a neurobiological deformation and causes a severe mental disorder. And as with all other major psychiatric disorders treatment should take a place in a closed psychiatric ward. A compulsory treatment.

On February 23, 2015, German politician Sebastien Edathy entered Verden Regional Court on suspicion of possession of child pornography. During Project Spade, a 2010 international police investigation into child pornography, Canadian police identified more than 800 IP addresses of offenders in Germany and forwarded them to the German authorities, – including those used by Sebastian Edathy. (The Federal Criminal Police Office kept the information secret for some time to avoid scandal.) As a sociologist and member of German Parliament, Edathy didn’t asked for help even though his profile shows he is capable of thinking and behaving rationally. He did not want to think and behave rationally. Maybe he was not asked nicely as in this video campaign.

But what do I know … I’m just a mother of a son.

Source: glowblog

Innocence in Danger

Innocence in Danger


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