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Insensitive things people say about miscarriage

Insensitive things people say about miscarriage

85% of women in the UK who had a miscarriage said that they didn’t think people understood what they had gone through. That is the basis of the recent campaign efforts from charity Tommy’s.

Tommy’s did a poll recently within a group of 6,000 women who experienced miscarriage. One of the outcomes was that 85% said that they didn’t think people understood what they had gone through. They felt a lack of understanding. More than a third receiving the well-meaning but hurtful comments that the baby they had lost “Wasn’t really a baby” and a massive 84% were told, ‘It wasn’t meant to be.’ Some of these judgments are reflected in the video above.

Francesca Dresner, who suffered four miscarriages:

I was so angry and confused. I felt like a fraud. I spent 24 hours carrying my dead baby which was unbearably traumatic. Looking back, I don’t know how we kept going but I’m so grateful that we did. Miscarriage is a devastating experience which is why Tommy’s work is so vitally important. Their tireless research will ensure fewer women go through the agony I did.

Last monday 16 November, Tommy’s launched a social media campaign called #misCOURAGE. It is meant to encourage mums, dads, family, friends and all those who have experienced miscarriage, directly or indirectly, to speak up, share their experiences, show their support and tell their stories of losing a pregnancy.

The stories behind the hashtag on twitter are not pleasant to read but are exactly what the charity want us to know.

More about the campaign here.

The outcome of the poll is visualised in this video:


The charity recorded Rosie’s story:

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