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Intactivist group creates intentionally awkward acronym

Intactivist group creates intentionally awkward acronym

FAP Etymology 2 (from Wictionary):

An onomatopoeia from the sound of male masturbation, originally used in English translations of some mangas, and popularized on the Internet by the webcomic The Thin H Line/Sexy Losers.

Interjection: fap
To indicate that someone (normally the speaker) is masturbating.
“I was watching some porn – fap fap fap – when my computer crashed, again!”

Verb: fap (third-person singular simple present faps, present participle fapping, simple past and past participle fapped)
(Internet slang, vulgar) To masturbate.
“He really likes to fap; I hear him five times a day at least.”
“I knew you liked fapping but 300 gigs of porn is a little too much.”

Noun: fap (uncountable)
(slang, vulgar) Porn.
“I’ve just downloaded loads of fap for while I’m away.”

CAN-FAP: Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project


The first question is, did they do the acronym on purpose?

Judging by the jocular tone of the site, and the bio pics of the founder, Vancouver writer and artist Glen Callender, I immediately suspected it was.


The logo from their Facebook Page is also somewhat suspect:


A perusal of their site’s FAQs, however, puts all doubts to rest:

Frequently Asked Questions about the Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project (CAN-FAP) and its founder, Glen Callender.

Hey Glen, do you realize that ‘FAP’ is slang for ‘masturbate’?

It is? Wow, what a happy coincidence! I had no idea. (/sarcasm)

Well, okay then.

If you’re an avid Osocio reader, you know that I am actually predisposed to this cause. While the CAN-FAP site is appallingly designed and seems to contain links to manly-man erotica, I far prefer this Canadian sarcastic approach to intactivism over the creepy and overtly racist approach I saw coming out of California.

Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project

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