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Interactive Robotripping and how to interfere

Interactive Robotripping and how to interfere

Tom did an excellent write-up a few months ago about the campaign from And this week the campaign got a follow-up.
Dxmstories is about Robotripping, a slang term for taking more than the recommended maximum dose of cough syrups. It can be used as a freely available and cheap drug. With some very unpleasant side effects like vomiting, muscle spasms and panic attacks.

Tom quoted a campaign study about the fact that scare tactics are worse than useless in certain kinds of PSA campaigns. Read it here.
Because that is what was happening in the campaign from earlier this year, focussing on the side effects.

Nothing changed in 2 from the 3 videos which were released this week. Better image quality but still full with vomiting. See them after the break.

One video is interesting, see above. It still has the unpleasant shots but it is interactive. It is a small story about guy and his razor. Scary because playing with a razor is not a wise thing to do while doing a trip.
The video is interesting because it forces the viewers to think about their role. How to interfere.
The campaign don’t give answers but al least the interactive video is a step forward.



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