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Introducing [3+1]

Introducing [3+1]

3-1This is blogpost No. 2,500 on Osocio. We don’t do anything special but it is a good moment to start something new.
We call it [3+1]. On a regularly basis we ask someone in our niche to share 3 favourite campaigns, designs or other visual things. And what about the ‘1’? It stands for completely rubbish, a total failure, something annoying.
In short: 3 x good, 1 x bad.

To give you an idea what it could be I start with my own list. As a kind of celebration for the 2,500 th blogpost.


It started for me a long time ago. It was 1971, I was 11. My father was doing business on a household fair. In a corner there was also a political fair because of upcoming elections. As said it was the seventies, The years from protest after the Vietnam failure. In the Netherlands we had the PSP, the Pacifist Socialist Party. And they came with this poster:


PSP Ontwapenend (disarmingly)

Remember it was 1971, living in a religious environment. This poster had a huge impact on me. It opened my eyes to the world. I started collecting political posters and took them all with me to school. The only thing I remembered that the teacher was open for discussion.
It was the beginning of my interest in design for the good cause. That has never changed 🙂

After years I read the background from this poster. At the age 11 my world was to small to catch that information.
Read more here in this small interview with the designer George Noordanus (translated by Google translate)

This is from one of my first blogposts on Houtlust, the blog I made before Osocio.
Wow, just a portrait and duct tape. So easy and so powerful to bring a message. Human rights have always interested me. This poster made me a big fan of Amnesty International. That is what good artwork and great idea can do.
The ad is from Amnesty Poland. A campaign about the lack of freedom in Belarus, the country of President Lukashenko. “The last dictator of Europe.”


When I did a search today on this campaign I found two other posters:



Blogging about social campaigns can make you more or less insensitive for all sad things in life. It don’t happen very often that I cry seeing a social campaign. This video let it flow for me.
Children and cancer is a sensitive subject. But this video from the Peruvian Ponle Corazón is far beyond the PSA. See it and you will understand.
See the original post here.


They make great campaigns. Their work is quite effective. It is about a very good cause, almost everyone agree.
But they have a bad name which makes me angry: The Truth.
No it is not the name of a campaign from the Jehovah’s Witnesses. It is not the title of a book from Muammar Gaddafi.
It is the well known campaign from the USA about tobacco addiction. Against the tobacco industry.

After all these years blogging about social campaigns this name still makes me angry. Truth is so subjective. It sounds so arrogant.
To be consistently this name can be used by many organizations.

As said, they make brilliant campaigns like this one:

Founder of Osocio. It all started with collecting election posters in 1973. And that's never stopped. Read more.