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Iran: Reza Abedini

Iran: Reza Abedini


Nowadays while a little cold war is going on it’s good to see that Iran isn’t a satanic monolith that Mr. Bush wants us to believe but also a country with high standard culture and variety of thoughts and people.
I don’t want to make political statements on my blog, that’s not my strength. I’m just excited about the quality of graphic design in Iran.
This post is about Reza Abedini, one of the best I think.
Reza Abedini participated at a lot of exhibitions all over the world. You can find about doing a search.

For me the design will be a lot different then for people in Iran because of the use of arabic typography.

Visit the Reza Abedini website and see a lot more of his work.

Alliance Graphique Internationale

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