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Is it Love?

Is it Love?

Now and then you will find a pearl on the Internet which seems to be forgotten. The range of creativity is so great that some art doesn’t stand.
Like this video which was released 9 months ago. It is directed and animated by Royal College of Art graduate Em Cooper. She made it for the ADVA/Devon County Council (UK).

Em Cooper use oil paint on glass animation technique. The film was created as part of a campaign of awareness about domestic violence in schools across Devon.
She worked with one of the groups of young women to devise the concept and style of the film. She interviewed them about their experiences, and some of the voices in the film are theirs. Some contributions have been re-voiced by actors.


This is Emily Cooper’s animation showreel. It includes clips from her Royal College of Art graduation films and other freelance animation work. Her films combine oil paint on glass animation with live action film and are often inspired by ideas from psychoanalysis.
More great work at her website.

ADVA/Devon County Council

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