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Is it time to go home?

Is it time to go home?



Above two scenes from a technically perfect interactive video. In the video just ordinary scenes from a nice evening in a bar with friends. Until you move your mouse pointer over the video.

The mouseover effect bring scenes with the same people in unlimited drunkenness. In a state of being where it is impossible to behave responsible on the way home.

No it isn’t a campaign about alcohol abuse. It is a promo from Movia, the bus company from Copenhagen in Denmark. At the end in the video Movia asks you: Er det på tide at komme hjem? – Is it time to go home? Take the night bus.

The campaign landing page points visitors also to an iPhone or Android app with a route planner and a Movia timetable.

I love the mouseover effect. It is interactive and nice to play more than once.

But we also know about the problems with drunkenness on public transport. There is no difference with irresponsible behavior in a bus or in a bar.

My second complaint is that public transport is recommended for everyone after a night out, not only for barflies.


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