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Is the bus “cool”? This ad sure is!

Is the bus “cool”? This ad sure is!


For the past ten years, I have seen and created a lot of public transit advertising. (It’s one of our specialties here.) But never in all that time have I seen anything as wild as this:

(Click “CC” for English subtitles)

M2Film’s trailer-style ad for Denmark’s midtrafik intercity bus system goes all-in with over-the-top copy, acting and shooting. Copyranter quipped, “If you don’t like this commercial, you don’t like anything.”

It’s hard to argue with that. It’s not often a bus ad gets you fist-pumping. But just as it ramps up the bombastic positioning, it manages to convey the principal product benefits of their updated vehicles. And the branding carries through to the breathless design and content on the midtrafik site. Sweet work.


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