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It can happen to everybody

It can happen to everybody

Arturo from BriefBlog sent this campaign (Thanks Arturo).
It’s from Secretaria de Desarrollo Social del Gobierno del Distrito Federal, the social assistance office in Mexico.
In this campaign you see four faces of four generations with sentences about intrafamiliar violence which visualise bruises and scars.
The good thing of these ads is that it let you see that intrafamiliar violence can happen to everybody, no matter how old you are and who you are.
Agency Delta Group

Below each ad the english translation.


My husband doesn’t want to be with me, he says I don’t worth it
My husband cheats me, he says i’m ugly
My children attack me


My family doesn’t care about me
Even I want it, I can’t quit drugs
I feel alone; Nobody understands me


They take advantage of me because I am very small
Mom says I’m an idiot
Teacher told me I’m a donkey


They make me feel as a coat on their back
My family doesn’t care about me
My grandsons think I’m worthless
My sons left me

Secretaria de Desarrollo Social
Delta Group

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