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It isn’t a fairy tale, it’s rape

It isn’t a fairy tale, it’s rape


This is the latest part of the ongoing campaign from United Way of Greater Milwaukee about teen pregnancy. And it’s from Serve Marketing again.
The outdoor campaign shows dreamlike illustrations of young princesses juxtaposed to hand drawn headlines that bust the myth that somehow relationships between young girls and adult man can have a fairytale ending.

Key message: sex with an older man isn’t romantic. It isn’t a fairy tale. It’s rape.

The ads are featured on over 40 bus shelters in Milwaukee strategically placed in zip codes with the highest teen pregnancy rates. The approach is in response to a recent trend where girls are getting pregnant at younger ages to adult men. And a the fact that 71% of babies born to teen girls are fathered by men over 20.
The ads refers to the informative website Baby Can Wait.

The campaign is expected to run all summer. Campaigns aimed at parents and young men are also being planned for fall.

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