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It rarely stops

It rarely stops

No silly headline for this PSA. No sarcastic critique. Just personal tears and professional awe:

Thank you, Y&R Chicago and Copyranter, for showing us the power of pure social marketing today. But what’s with the coalition’s name? That can’t be right.

POSTSCRIPT: Kate Hill, from Y&R Chicago, wrote in to say that the name of the client is actually National Domestic Violence Hotline. The advertiser, link, and embedded video have been corrected.

Credits (from YouTube post):

Agency: Y&R Chicago
Agency Country: USA
Creative Director: Ken Erke
Director: Dave Meyers
Production: (London)
Producer: Jim Bouvet; Brian Smego
Music: Emoto (Covering “Mercy Street” by Peter Gabriel)
Brand: Coalition Against Battered Women National Domestic Violence Hotline
Vfx: MPC

National Domestic Violence Hotline
Y&R Chicago

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